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Ryan Seacrest backstage at the American Music Awards Shakira backstage at the American Music Awards.

Julianne Hough in Nashville, Tennessee for CRS

Holly Robinson Peete @ Fred Segal
Cheyenne Kimball & Rachel Reinert @ CRS/Nashville. The Bachelorette (ABC) Ali Fedotowsky at charity event.

Bobby Flay & Masika at The Grove for Bobby’s book signing.

Recording artist Laura Wylde at the Whiskey A Go Go.
Larry with Lauren Woodland and Jennifer Gareis Larry with Adrienne Frantz

Larry with Paul Loggins and Kim Kline

Larry at the New Music Weekly Awards
Larry and Matt Backer Larry with Frank Stallone and Jimmy White.

Larry with Kenn McCloud and Rick Reno Stevens

Larry and Michael McCartney
Larry with Brian Wilson Larry directs Lauren Woodland at the New Music Awards.

Larry with Home Improvement gal Paige Hemmis

Larry and the American Dream girl.
Larry with Shawn and Larry King Larry with Drew Lachey

Larry with Hot Tamale

Larry with Frank Stallone and the NMW team
Larry and Carmen Rasmusen Larry with Kevin Black

Larry with Kirstin Holt

Larry and Emmit Smith
Larry with JoJo and New Music Weekly. Larry with recording artist Sheryl Crow.

Larry with Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria.

Larry with Mandy Perkins.
Playboy queen Jenny McCarthy joins Larry at an industry event. Larry with the legendary Burt Bacharach

Larry with star of the hit show 'The Shield' - Michael Chiklis

Recording artist/rapper Ginuwine with Larry at this year's American Music Awards.
Larry, brother Michael Damian and Alanis Morrisette. Larry with Hank Williams Jnr. Jackie DeShannon joined Larry and his cousin Pat Weir at the recent New Music Weekly Christmas Party.

Recording artist/rapper Lil Jon spent some time with Larry backstage at this years American Music Awards.

Larry as an 80 year old for his 50th birthday video. The Bold & The Beautiful star Ron Moss, his daughter, Michael Damian &  Peter Beckett from Player.

Director Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura, Liar, Liar) and Larry's niece Laura Wight who is an actress/singer.

Larry with Kenny Loggins.
Larry with Trista from ABC televisions "The Bachelorette" out and about at a industry event. Larry with brother Michael Damian and friend.

Larry with Musician Brad Paisley and Tracy Barns.

Larry and brother Tom Weir in the recording studio.
Tom Weir, Larry Weir, recording artist  Melissa Reese and Academy Award Winning composer Tom Whitlock (Top Gun). Larry at the office. Larry with Florence LaRue from the Fifth Dimension.

Larry Weir, Michael Damian, Tom Weir and Larry Weir Snr! All the Weir men!

Larry with Industry Guru Macey Lipman. Larry Weir and his mother Maria on Mother's Day.

Larry with Nicki and Lynda Tice from TJ Promotions at the final Gavin convention 2002 in San Francisco.

Larry Weir along with his co-editor for New Music Weekly Paul Loggins (left to right) & country artists Phil Calkins & Rick Hertess at the 2002 CRS Convention in Nashville, TN.
Larry feeds NMW's writer/attorney John Loggins at the 3rd annual New Music Weekly anniversary in Hollywood, CA. Larry with his wife Masika on one of their annual trips to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Phil McKeon from the TV show Alice.

Larry Weir, Tom Weir and Might Mo Reders of Verve.
Larry with Dixie Chick Martie Seidel. Larry with Sharon Osbourne.

Larry with Ben Stein of 'Win Ben Stein's Money' and Ferris Bueller fame.

Larry Weir in New Orleans.

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